About James Hyder

James2018cFor the past 21 years, I have edited LF Examiner, a business newsletter.

Like most good editors, I am a generalist. My bachelor’s degree is in the classical liberal arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. Students there all read the “Great Books” of the Western world, from Homer and Plato to Freud and Faulkner. So I have studied and am conversant in major works of philosophy, religion, literature, history, science, math, and art.

I have taken several professional development classes offered by the American Copy Editors Society and have been awarded the Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate.

As editor of LF Examiner since 1997, I have edited hundreds of articles by dozens of contributors with widely varying levels of writing skill. The total material I have edited in that time (not counting the articles I wrote myself) amounts to more than 500,000 words, the equivalent of seven novels.

I have been actively involved in the giant-screen industry since 1984, so if your project is in any way related to that business, I have a unique and extraordinary level of expertise to offer. I also have decades of first-hand experience in:

  • Museum operations
  • Film, video, and audio production
  • Photography
  • Planetariums and fulldome theaters
  • Stagecraft and theatrical lighting
  • Computers
  • And other technical areas.

I have served as a fill-in copy editor for BusinessInsider.com.

I have provided unofficial proofreading assistance on several novels written by friends.

I look forward to working with you on your project. Click here to contact me.