“Having written several articles for for LF Examiner over the years, I witnessed first had James’ excellent copy editing skills. He made my articles better in every case.

Paul Fraser, Blaze Cineworks

“When James Hyder started LF Examiner in 1997, I had recently launched a management advisory service and was seeking an industry publication as an outlet to keep my name and message in the public eye.

“Given my knowledge of the large format industry, James was interested in what I had to write, so a match was made, and thus started approximately six years of a nearly monthly columns for the publication.

“Those of us who write know that we appreciate feedback, positive or negative, that enhances the work while at the same time maintains its original intent.

“When I received final text from James as it was to be published, I would read it cold.  Almost without exception, I could tell that it was “my” article.  If I did a word by word, paragraph by paragraph comparison, I would likely have been able to identify changes that were made, some subtle, some not, but that was not necessary.

While I always thought my submission was good, James’ edited version made it better.

“This was not a one-off occurrence. It was my direct personal experience in working with James Hyder over the course of some 50-60 submissions.

“As such, based on this deep insight, I highly recommend his editorial services.

“I am available to anyone who would like to contact me for more information about James Hyder.”

Marty Shindler, The Shindler Perspective